Home Made Butter Recipe

Home Made Butter Recipe


700ml double cream


  1. To make 230ml of buttermilk, beat 700ml double cream fast until the sound changes and it properly separates into curds of butter and watery buttermilk. (Those of you who've over-whipped  cream may not have known you were just moments away from making homemade butter.)
  2. Sieve the curds out over a big bowl, squash them down a bit to get all the milk out, then plop the curds into very cold water.
  3. With a firm hand, squish the curds together underwater to make a rough ball of butter. Place on a piece of grease-proof paper and roll it up.
  4. You now have a luscious pack of your own hand-made butter to savour, melted over a slice of warm soda bread. You also have, in the big bowl, the acidic buttermilk, perfect for making our soda bread recipe.

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