Turkey – Cooking Instructions Recipe

The hobbs house guide to cooking your Christmas turkey and impressing the in laws.

Serves n/a


  • Salt and pepper

  • Fresh herbs

  • Large knob of Butter

  • Stuffing

  • Turkey

  • Bacon


  1. Take the turkey out of the fridge the night before so it is at room temperature.

  2. Stuff the turkey with bread stuffing and fresh herbs in the neck and the main bird. Don't use meat stuffing in the main bird as it won't cook through properly.

  3. Smother the bird in butter and season.

  4. Next lay the bacon over the breasts and cover the bird with foil. Put this in the oven and cook at a high heat 220* for 30mins.

  5. Next, turn the oven down to 170* and cook further. Allow 40 minutes per kilo for cooking as a rule on top of this initial blast. Therefore for a 5.5kg turkey cook for a further 3 hours.

  6. Most importantly, 30 mins before the end remove the foil, crisp the skin and then remove from the oven and allow to rest for AT LEAST 30 mins. HAPPY CHRISTMAS.