Smoked Hot Dogs Recipe

From episode 6 (season 1 of The Fabulous Baker Brothers.

Make your own cold smoker and smoke the sausages for these tasty treats. They’re well worth the effort.


Serves 6


  • 1 string of 6 good-quality plain sausages

  • Handful of sliced onion

  • Ketchup and mustard, to serve

  • Splash of oil

  • 6 finger rolls

  • For the smoker

  • 1 x domestic plastic bin

  • 1 x length 15ml wooden dowel

  • 1 x standard drill bit for drilling metal

  • 1 x camping stove, preferably with locating pins

  • 1 meat hook

  • 1 x 16ml drill bit

  • 1 x oil drum (cleaned out and dry)

  • 1 x pair of snips or metal cutters

  • Bag of smoking wood chips or dust - must be untreated (can buy from garden centre specifically for smoking food)


  1. Drill 2 holes in the bottom of the plastic bin and 2 holes parallel to each other in the rim edge of the bin. Push the dowel through the holes in the rim to create a hanging rail. Saw off any excess pole from the sides of the bin if required.

  2. With a standard drill bit, drill holes around the inner edge of the oil drum to give you points to snip the top off. Using the snips, remove the lid of the oil drum. CAUTION: You might want to wear heavy duty gloves here as the edges of the oil drum and the lid that is being removed are very sharp.

  3. Take the camping stove and clip the oil drum into the locating pins to give you a firm fit. Put your smoking wood chips or dust into the bottom of the oil drum and turn the camping stove on.

  4. To start, put the camping stove on high to get the chops smoking and then turn it down to a low heat. Then put the bin on top and you’re ready to cold smoke.

  5. With the camping stove on low, hang your sausages onto the rail inside the bin, put the lid on and leave to smoke for 3 hours.

  6. When they’re smoked, cut the sausages into a pan of boiling water big enough for the sausages to move around as they cook. Boil for 5 minutes until they’re plump and juicy.

  7. Take them out and let them rest while you heat a pan and warm some oil. Fry the sausages for 5 minutes on each side until they’re even in colour.

  8. Throw in some sliced onion, if you desire, for a classic hot dog finish. Serve in a finger roll with tomato sauce and mustard.

  9. Tip: You can use the cold smoker to smoke lots of foods such as fish, meats, cheese or even sea salt (smoke this in a fabric pouch suspended from the rail).