6x Brioche Buns


Our Brioche Buns are melt in the mouth, so moreish you will need more than 1 pack to go around.

Beautifully buttery, a hint of sweetness and deliciously soft. Our Brioche Buns are the exquisite result of a two day bake. Rising to be the best buns around and using the very best ingredients.

Everyone loves a good breakfast and our Brioche Buns are delicious with eggs, bacon, spinach. We have a great Eggs Benedict with Spinach Muffins recipe and if you don't fancy making the Spinach Muffins then tuck into our Brioche Buns.

One of our most popular breads for breakfast is the Sherston loaf which makes the best toast in the world.


Frozen at -18°c, it will keep for 12 months.

Shelf Life

Keep cool and dry, best within 2 days.