Family Bread Box


Put bread on the table for the whole family - this family bread box has something for even the fussiest of eaters. From our classic overnight white loaf to the mighty organic wholemeal, we’ve got it covered.

Our Family Bread Box contains a variety of 6 tasty breads:

    • Sherston - The everyday best seller is our Sherston Loaf. We mix the dough in the afternoon and leave it slowly to ferment overnight to bring out its full flavour and character. One of our most popular loaves, making the best toast in the world.
    • Seeded malted - A beautiful loaf, the Seeded Malted Bread is a brilliantly versatile loaf. With six different seeds running through the dough and a brilliantly textured crust.
    • White Sourdough - The White Sourdough is a mouthwatering Sourdough bread with a tasty crust. Known as the Wild White at the bakery, this loaf takes its name from the wild yeasts within the Sourdough with which the dough is raised.
    • Burger Buns x6 - A burger bun that’s beautiful, shiny, soft and delicious and holds together when heavily loaded. With a hint of sourdough, slightly sweet with an egg glaze and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.
    • Overnight Dough Rolls x6 (only available in our family box)– These white seeded rolls have a distinctive taste, made with the same overnight process as our bestseller Sherston loaf, what's not to love?
    • 3 Seed Wholemeal (only available in our family box) - A wholemeal loaf with packed full of goodness with nutritious Poppy, Sesame and Sunflower Seeds.