Luxury Bread Box


For those with a taste for the finer things in life. Find your new favourite in this all new Luxury Taster bread box.

Our Luxury Taster bread box contains 4 fantastic loaves:

  • St Martin - Using a two day method, this St Martin Sourdough Bread has a wonderfully soft and chewy texture. With a flavoursome crust, this loaf will keep for ages. Our St Martin Sourdough Bread is beautiful looking and the size and cross hatch pattern create a truly stand out loaf. Perfect for the centre of the table.
  • G-Stone - Enriched with organic dark molasses and mighty high in fibre, this loaf is slowly crafted using cut wheat and course cut stone-ground wholemeal flour. Risen in a Round Proving Basket which creates a super moist loaf and its beautiful corduroy pattern.
  • Fig and Walnut - Our Fig and Walnut Bread is full of delicious figs and walnuts in a black treacle dough with a little rye sourdough. This torpedo of joy is plumped with mouth popping figs and delicious walnuts. A brilliant loaf to have on the table, our fig and walnut bread is a great addition to a cheese board.
  • Brioche - A beautiful, delicious and authentic all butter Brioche. This handmade loaf has been slowly risen for 16 hours for great flavour and texture. Toasted it is divine. A great weekend loaf, many of our customers like to enjoy our Brioche as a rich tasting yet lightweight bread. We like it hot, toasted with butter and lemon curd.