Organic Bread Box


The Organic Bread Box is a brilliant way to taste the variety of breads we bake whilst all being Organically certified.

The box includes; White Sourdough Bread (large), Organic Wholemeal Bread (large), Rye Sourdough Bread (small), Soda seeds and G Stone.

The White Sourdough Bread is a mouthwatering Sourdough bread with a tasty crust. known as the Wild White at the bakery. This loaf  takes its name from the wild yeasts within the Sourdough with which the dough is raised, producing a flavour filled crust,  a moist and chewy centre, and an irresistible sourdough taste

Our Organic Wholemeal Bread is a soft, moist, and beautifully flavoured loaf. It is ade slowly, using stoneground flour and only a tiny amount of yeast, making a low GI treat out of your usual breakfast slice.

Our Rye Sourdough Bread is a mystery in the making, using just three ingredients, rye, water and salt. Organic and made using a light rye. Free from processed wheat, yeast and dairy, this rye sourdough bread is much gentler on your tummy.

A yeast free wholemeal loaf made with spelt flour which is grown and milled at Shipton Mill. As the name says, the Soda Seeds Bread is full of seeds including pumpkin, poppy, linseed, millet and sunflower

The gorgeous Organic G Stone is enriched with organic dark molasses and mighty high in fibre, this loaf is slowly crafted using cut wheat and course cut stone-ground wholemeal flour. Risen in a Round Proving Basket which creates a super moist loaf and its beautiful corduroy pattern.