6x Organic G Stone


The Organic G Stone, is enriched with organic dark molasses and mighty high in fibre, this loaf is slowly crafted using cut wheat and course cut stone-ground wholemeal flour. Risen in a Round Proving Basket which creates a super moist loaf and its beautiful corduroy pattern.

Inside it has a richly coloured dough and makes a great loaf to share at the table over lunch or with soup.

Our G-stone also features in our luxury taster box and organic bread box.

The Organic G Stone is exceptionally good with blue cheese, scrambled eggs as well as smoked fish with home made horseradish and watercress. Here is our recipe for Smoked Mackerel Pate perfect to have with your Organic G stone.

Shelf Life

Will keep up to 4 days from delivery stored in a cool dry place