Shepherds Loaf


The Shepherds Loaf  is yeast and dairy free, using our  59 year old sourdough.

Created back in 2010 when Tom was asked by BBC4 to find the Perfect Loaf. The Shepherds Loaf is an enormous 2kg loaf designed for sharing. With a beautiful shepherds crook carved into the dough, this loaf is spectacular for sharing.

Using organic spelt flour, cornish sea salt and water. The 2 day process involved in making the Shepherds Loaf creates the incomparable flavour and crust.

Perfect for tartines, Croc Monsieur, weekend toast with marmalade, and with anything and everything until every last slice and crumb has been enjoyed. During his hunt for the perfect loaf, Tom also came up with the perfect  Cheese Toastie Recipe, great on day 5 of the loaf.


Frozen at -18°c, it will keep for 6 months.


Organic SPELT flour, water, sourdough culture (water & organic RYE flour), Cornish sea salt