• Regenerative Flour

    Regenerative Flour
    For years we have loved walking through wheat fields excited about the bread they’ll produce. Back in 2019, when we certified for B Corp they told us we needed to "Know Our Farmer". We knew who was milling our grain, but who was growing it? And how was it being grown? Realising quickly that we didn't want to be part of a system that negatively affected our world, instead wanting to be part of a solution. Starting our journey towards healthier soils. We joined our local grain network and attended Grain lab, discovering there were better ways to grow grain. We have always been partly organic, and still believe that it's still a better system. Now we're looking at regeneratively grown grains too, methods that ensure biodiversity and a sustainable future for us all. In 2023, we launched our first product using regenerative flour from Wildfarmed, our Wild Buns. We were super excited this year about working with a local organic farmer, John Prior, in Castle Combe (less than ten miles from our bakery), who planted a field of Rye for us. Our hope was to use it to feed our Sourdough Starter this year. While we enjoyed visiting this particularly beautiful field and seeing it grow, the Great British weather last summer put an end to that dream, with the crop failing and going to animal feed. However, we now have some of John’s organic Maris Widgeon which we are looking forward to trialling. We've also worked with Matthews Mill, baking a Heritage sourdough made from their regeneratively grown heritage wheat. Now introducing this wheat also into our Ultimate Burger Bun range. Matthews has shared with us which farm this has been grown on and how it has been grown, finally helping us towards "knowing our farmer". We now understand that not all wheat fields are the same and that conventionally grown wheat is not the answer. We're excited about journeying towards a sustainable future for generations to come.

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