• Allergen Information

    Here at Hobbs House Bakery, we take allergens very seriously. Allergens present on site are currently:

    • Gluten
    • Eggs
    • Dairy
    • Sulphites
    • Nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds)
    • Soya

    We have allergen controls in place such as colour coded ingredient bins, staff training and thorough clean downs. However, we cannot guarantee that our products are free from the above allergens due to site layout and manufacturing processes.

    Our list of allergen containing products is available via this link.

    Our shop staff and sales team have specifications available to them to answer any questions customers may ask regarding the ingredients of our products, during visits to our shops or for queries over the phone/by email. Any of our labelled products will show any allergens in bold.

    Wheat & gluten

    We currently market one loaf only as gluten free, the GiFt loaf. This loaf has regular gluten free testing at a local UKAS accredited lab, all of our results have been below the 20ppm limit set by law. We keep this product gluten free by having a dedicated gluten free room, which is kept separate from the bakery.

    A number of our products are wheat free, containing alternatives grains such as rye and spelt, however this does not mean that they are free from gluten. Those with coeliac disease should consult their doctor before trying out wheat free products.

    Those who find bread to be bloating, but do not have coeliac disease, could remove all wheat products from their diet and slowly introduce alternative products such as sourdough (as it does not contain added yeast) or rye/spelt bread, which many find easier to digest.

    Vegetarian & Vegan

    All of our products are suitable for vegetarians, except for sausage rolls, meat pasties and lardy cakes. Our staff are able to advise on which of our products are suitable for vegans, most of our breads already are and we also have a growing range of vegan confectionary items.