• As a long-established family business our reputation is built on strong local relationships and being at the heart of our communities. It is essential for us that our suppliers share our values, are local and that we can work together to have a positive impact.

    We survey our suppliers biannually to ensure we are working with suppliers that share our values. Our suppliers code of conduct is an agreement between us and our suppliers to ensure they are ethical and sustainable. All new suppliers are required to complete our supplier survey.

    We Expect Our Suppliers To Be...


    As we grow we will ensure that over 50% of our suppliers are based within a 50 mile radius of our main bakery and Ideally based within 25 miles of us. We actively look to work with local suppliers in our shops and bakeries and measure the percentage of ingredients purchased locally, this also helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.

    Independently Owned

    Supporting businesses that are independently owned

    Supporting Their Community

    We aim to support our local area, working to support suppliers who are in low-income communities or create employment opportunities for those who haven’t previously had the same opportunities.

    Environmentally Certified

    Have a third-party social certification or approval, are purpose-driven, ideally B Corp or Soil Association like us.

    We will use our supplier survey and code of conduct to monitor their environmental performance and it will inform who we choose to work with and give preference to those that adhere to our high standards and values.

    In Return We Will Ensure...

    Special Payment Terms

    All small suppliers are paid on different terms, within 14 days of invoicing. Larger suppliers will be paid within 30 days of end of month invoice.

    Support On Their Journey

    We aim to build relationships with all our suppliers and support them on their environmental and sustainability journey. This often includes talking to them about becoming a B Corp too.

    Cross Promotion

    Promote and celebrate working together, through our online presence and collaboration.

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