• Every year we produce an Impact Report which reviews and sets our environmental goals. In this we also share are successes and highlights of the previous year. We are always trying to become a better business for our people and planet, we are proud to be a B Corp and use their framework to help us achieve this.

    Cleaning Materials

    Where possible, most of our cleaning chemicals are manufactured by Evans Vanodine, supplied by local wholesalers. Evans are environmentally focused and hold Planet Mark, ISO9001 and ISO14000 accreditations. They have the Green Tick for Environmental Impact on all their products.’


    Transport is fundamental to our business, and we aim to do this in the most sustainable way possible. Our forklift and company cars are all electric, bar one hybrid. Our vans are all Euro Six and we hope to welcome our first electric vans by as soon as we can get one! All our vans come from Pearce Brothers, a family run business just down the road in Yate, helping to employ local people. Our online courier aims to be the most sustainable couriers and we monitor how many deliveries are low carbon. Any goods that need to be imported will be shipped and not air freighted.

    We actively reduce travel to meetings, with meetings now happening online or in a shared workspace. If travel is necessary, we will walk, cycle or travel in an electric or hybrid vehicle.

    A bike to work scheme is available to all staff and at our bakery we have a safe bike shed for the storage of bikes.

    Packaging and Materials

    We aim to reduce the amount of paper used; all paper purchased will be recyclable.
    Packaging, we are aiming for all our packaging to be 100% recyclable and ideally compostable where it doesn’t affect the perishability of our product.
    Building materials, we are currently expanding and developing our bakery, we endeavour to do this in the most sustainable way to reduce our impact and consumption. This includes installing solar panels, heat recovery systems and finding ways to reduce energy use.


    We want to be a local employer of choice.
    We will prioritise recruiting locally for all our roles including managerial, primarily those that live within five miles of their place of work.
    We are fully inclusive to all people and have recently been recognised as a Gloucestershire Inclusive Employer.
    Internal Promotions: We love to see our people grow and develop so all roles are advertised internally, and we encourage our team members to put themselves forward.


    We are committed to training all our people, both with on-the-job skills and wider role training and development. We support our teams with various ways to do this, via apprenticeships, online training, face to face and via external delivery.

    Carbon Footprint

    We will measure our Carbon Footprint bi-annually and set science-based targets to reduce our Carbon to Net Zero by 2032.
    We will look at the Carbon Impact of our products through Lifecycle Analysis and this will inform business decisions.


    We ensure no food goes to waste. We repurpose all surplus bread, primarily for human consumption through work with local charities and Too Good to Go. If this is not possible in line with DEFRAs guidelines it will go for animal feed.
    We aim to increase our recycling, moving to 100% recyclable materials. We encourage customers to reduce, reuse and recycle.


    Our successful business enables us to share and support charities locally and close to our heart. Our current focus being to work with charities to promote food equality and address food hunger through the provision of bread or financial support.

    B Corp

    We are committed to being a B Corporation business and set ourselves the goal of improving our score at every assessment.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to have a positive impact in all that we do in our local communities, whilst ensuring we are better for the world, we will measure this impact annually though our published Impact Report.