• Ellie Seager

    Ellie Seager

    Assistant team leader

    Ellie from our Nailsworth shop, as featured in Crumbs magazine

    How long have you worked at Hobbs House?

    For nearly 3 years now, it’s been really fun.

    Where did you work before?

    At Sunshine health food shop and bakery in Stroud, I started at 14 as a Saturday girl and left to go traveling in America.

    What’s the best thing about working here?

    That is really a hard one, there’s lots of things but I would say, the great team we have working here in Nailsworth and being surrounded by wonderful cooking and baking all day.

    What skills have you learnt since joining?

    I have really learnt a lot especially about baking, food and customer service. One of the great things about Hobbs is the Cookery School in Chipping Sodbury as staff we get the opportunity to do courses there.

    How would you describe the service style at the Bistro?

    We love to get to know our customers, so informal but with lots of love.

    What sort of customers do you get?

    Nailsworth is a small town but we do get such a wide range of customers, lots of mums after school drop off for a coffee, croissant and a gossip, our locals and regulars and visitors to the Cotswolds on the hunt for the Fabulous Baker Brothers.

    What are the best-selling items on the menu at the bistro?

    It has to be our slow roasted pork roll with red slaw and cucumber pickles in an ultimate burger bap.

    Does having the bakery and bistro alongside each other affect how you serve customers?

    No its really the best of both. Get a handmade loaf and then head upstairs for a great coffee.

    What are the best-selling drinks?

    We sell some great local beers and at the moment the Stroud brewery Organic Cotswold lager in this weather is going down a treat. Best served sitting by the river. And of course our coffee we use our own seasonal blend from Extract.

    What do you think makes great customer service?

    Being really passionate and knowledgeable about your products, engaging with the customers.

    Where have you visited recently that you felt the service was exceptional?

    Bisley house in Stroud, I live two minutes away. They do the best gin and tonics and food is always delicious.

    If you were a customer what would you order today?

    A flat white with a almond croissant for breakfast, a wood-fired oven pizza for lunch with one of Fee’s chocolate brownies (the best in the world).

    Where do you like to eat or drink on your days off?

    Stroud has some great cafes but I tend to head to the Bisley House, Woodruffs or Star Anise and for a take away Fat Toni’s Pizza.

    What do you like to cook at home?

    At the moment it’s BBQ food, a trip to this years Grillstock and DJ BBQ’s new cookbook has given me some inspiration.

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