Chocolate Brownie


A revolution for us, and for you, Hobbs House Bakerys best selling chocolate brownie delivered through your letter box.

One of our lovely customers, Adena had this to say about our chocolate brownie;  "It had a truffle like texture, very chocolatey & not to sugary on the teeth which I was very pleased about.  A small amount was ample, (I'm greedy!) and I managed to share it between 6 people. Not one person had a negative word to say."

If chocolate brownies are your thing then you need to taste our Peanut Butter Brownie as well, rich dark chocolate with a salted peanut crunch, it is pure bliss for those chocoholics amongst us.  Don’t forget to take a look at our beautiful breads and enjoy the Hobbs House Bakery taste experience.

Shelf Life

Best enjoyed within 4 days.