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Useful and beautiful, this Round Proving Basket will provide soft dough’s with support whilst they rise.

We use this Round Proving Basket ourselves in the bakery and it is the perfect way to prove dough. We recommend than anyone baking makes sure to use a proving basket to help you on the way to a perfect loaf.

This Round Proving Basket is used to prove the dough used in our Organic G Stone, which creates a delightfully shaped round loaf and a corduroy like pattern.

The choice of German Birchwood is unique in the way it allows the dough to breath whilst it has its final rise.

Also available in a loaf shape Proving Basket which comes in 2 sizes; Small (400g) and Large (800g).

It is a really helpful bit of kit if you are baking, such as with our amazing sourdough starter . We have some great Sourdough Bread Recipes you can try to get started.

Useful and beautiful, this hand made basket will provide soft doughs with support whilst they rise. The choice of birchwood is unique in the way it allows the dough to breath whilst it has its final rise.

To prevent dough sticking to the basket, dust generously with a handful of flour before placing your loaf in to rise. Never wash.

Doubles up as a great basket to serve the bread in.


One size: 26cm Diameter


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