• Arch House Deli

    Hobbs House Bakery were delighted to be one of three great Artisan producers to be involved with Arch House Deli’s Cheese and Wine tasting on Thursday 5th  September 2013.


    Arch House deli have been stocking our bread for nearly two years now, placing us in the heart of Clifton village life, making great handmade bread available to all.

    David Greenman of Arch House deli has raised the stakes on the average Cheese and Wine tasting by incorporating  handmade #realbread by Hobbs House bakery.

    Arch House

    For hundreds of years the relationship between bread, cheese and wine has been a fine balancing act of flavours, textures and aromas.  At the very centre of every table, ready to be shared with friends and loved ones for the best of times, this alchemical concoction works as a social glue every single time.  We greatly value the opportunity to share our passion, and Arch House Deli is just the place.

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