• Weber Charcoal Pizza Oven Launch Party

    Mama Mia… celebrity chef pizza cook-off at Pizza Oven launch, with Hobbs House’s Tom Herbert in the red team.

    The king of BBQs, Weber®, launched the Original™ Charcoal Pizza Oven last night, with its own red carpet premiere.  Four celebrity chefs battle it out to create and bake the best pizza.  Top chefs Fergus Henderson, Giorgio Locatelli, Valentine Warner and our own Tom Herbert each cooked their signature pizza at the stunning Rochelle Canteen, London.  The 70 guests included the luscious Lilly Cooper, Dan Chadwick, Nigel Barden and Plum Sykes, to name but a few.

    John Cooper, Vice President, Weber® North West Europe said: “The launch of the Original™ Charcoal Pizza Oven is another milestone in the fascinating Weber story which started when George Stephen built the first Weber barbecue back in 1952.  He had one goal in mind: to cook truly excellent outdoor food, whatever the weather, and that goal is still driving Weber to innovate, inspire and push the boundaries of barbecuing.”

    The Original™ Charcoal Pizza Oven was designed in collaboration with the fabulous Stroud based and prodigiously talented installation artist and product designer, Dan Chadwick. Dan has spent many years trying to engineer an oven which cooks the perfect pizza, just like those from a genuine Italian pizzeria.

    It fits on top of the Weber’s legendary 57cm charcoal barbecue like this. 

    A lot of flour and smoke filled the air, and tasty pizza triangles were gobbled up from massive wooden boards. Once the esteemed judges had savoured and voted,


    1st place – Giorgio Locatelli

    2nd place – Fergus Henderson

    3rd place (jointly) – Valentine Warner, the Rochelle Canteen Dream Team and yours truly (Tom Herbert).

    A big thank you to the excellent Weber® Experience Team, headed up by our good friend Dan Cooper, for all your support, and also a massive thanks to the delightful team at the beautiful Rochelle Canteen. We all had a great evening.


    The Original™ Charcoal Pizza Oven is for use with Weber’s 57cm charcoal barbecues and will produce perfect pizza every time – quickly and with very little fuss.  The Original™ Charcoal Pizza Oven consists of a porcelain-enamelled hood and main body, a cordierite pizza stone, and the base of the oven Dan Chadwick’s patented design for heat transfer.

    Compared to traditional wood-fired or clay ovens, the Original™ Charcoal Pizza Oven is incredibly quick to heat up, taking just 15 minutes when using a full Weber® Chimney Starter.  It also uses far less fuel and takes up less space.  The UK designed patent-pending air management system allows for even cooking at high temperatures, while the wood chip loading facility gives genuine ‘wood-fired’ results and lets you be creative in developing your own slice of perfection.

    The Oven’s unique design means that food is heated from below and above equally and simultaneously, giving a fast cooking time and maintaining a delicious crispy base with fully cooked toppings – essential for that authentic Italian look and taste.  Cooking pizza, naan breads, flat breads, and pitta breads on the Original™ Charcoal Pizza Oven gives really excellent results.  The oven produces delicious pizza in less than 4 minutes and is capable of easily cooking up to 10 pizzas from just one charcoal load.

    This new ability to cook the perfect pizza takes barbecuing to a new level and the Original™ Charcoal Pizza Oven becomes the new ‘must have’ barbecue accessory.

    Weber® Original™ Charcoal Pizza Oven – £149.99 RRP

    Are you interested in learning more about how to get the most from your Weber® BBQ? OR do you know someone who might be? Join Henry Herbert and Dan Cooper at the all new Hobbs House School for a day of Butchery and BBQ.

    Click here for Tom’s pizza base recipe

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