• Chandos Deli, great food, pure and simple

    Last Saturday, @HobbsHouseBoy, spent a sunny morning sampling bread @ChandosDeli to promote the longstanding and fruitful link between us, in the name of #realbread

    Chandos Olives

    Great food, pure and simple  has been the Chandos Deli strapline from the beginning, and with our Hobbs House loaves, we really enjoy playing our part in delivering this tasty aim.

    Since 1992, Chandos have been purveyors of real bread, selling loaves stacked high to entice customers in with the smell of wonderful fresh bread. This same bread is what gives Chandos the edge in their National Award Winning sandwiches, a lunchtime must.  Chandos have always advocated #realbread, promoting and selling loaves from local ambassadors including Hobbs House, and also The Bertinet Bakery. So whether its a crusty baguette stuffed with irresistible fillings or a chewy sourdough to savour with cheese, a nutty spelt loaf to add sunshine to your lunchtime, you're sure to find the bread you need at Chandos Deli.

    On this occasion, William found the shop teaming with activity, as always. On the shelves is the finest produce from all over the globe, and the team, you'll find is informative and knowledgeable.  @HobbsHouseBoy does regular tastings of our bread in their busy delis as part of our commitment to see more people enjoying Hobbs House bread.  


    Find a Chandos Deli, treat yourself to some of the finest deli produce in the world and be sure to complement your basket with some real bread and a bottle of great wine to boot.

    Not sure which loaf to try first? You could do much worse than the all time favourite SHERSTON LOAF. We belive it makes the best toast in the whole wide world! Do you?

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