Feeding Sourdough Starter Recipe

Feeding Sourdough Starter Recipe

Here is everything you need to know on feeding sourdough starter recipe.

Our sourdough bread recipe requires 300g of sourdough starter.

Know the weight of your container so you can weigh the sourdough starter without creating washing up for this feeding sourdough starter recipe. Our sourdough starter kilner jars weigh approximately 516g.

Ideally you should always retain at least a quarter of your sourdough starter so you don’t dilute it’s flavour or performance.

Feed your sourdough starter more if you wish to bake more bread or create more sourdough culture to share. This will momentarily dilute the flavour.

Sourdough culture often separates after a day or two. Just stir the grey water back in when you feed it.

You can also start your own sourdough starter.

Knead help with your sourdough starter or sourdough bread, here’s our FAQ’s

Here’s our video on how to feed a sourdough starter.

Takes 1 minute


  • 75 g sourdough starter
  • 75 g flour
  • 75g cold water


  1. Start with 75g of sourdough starter remaining; having just mixed a batch of dough
  2. Feed the culture 75g flour and 75g cold water, mix
  3. Refrigerate until the day you want to bake
  4. On your baking day remove the sourdough from the fridge and feed it again as above
  5. It will now weigh 375g, the target weight for the process; 300g for the recipe, 75g remaining
  6. Now you can use it to make your sourdough bread

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