• Chris Allen

    Chris Allen

    Chris has worked for Hobbs House Bakery for an amazing 25 years and seen the bakery evolve over the years from a business with just 3 delivery vans to present day.

    What do you do at Hobbs House bakery?

    I work as a delivery driver.

    What are your usual working hours?

    I arrive in work in the middle of the night and make deliveries until late in the morning.

    What is your favourite bread to eat?

    My favourite bread is the Sherston loaf which makes the best sandwiches.

    What gets you out of bed in the morning (or middle of the night!)

    It’s the challenge. Delivering to Bristol is both the best and most difficult part of the job. Fighting the traffic (and speed cameras) to get customers’ bread to them when they need it.

    Do you have a favourite driving CD?

    I’m really into my music. I have around 160 discs of homemade music compilations I’ve made, spanning the decades. These last me 6 months of music variety before I get back to the beginning!

    You’ve been here since almost the very start of Hobbs House Bakery, tell us a bit about your journey with us. 

    I started off working at Hobbs House Bakery from the very beginnings of the business, starting from a porta cabin where Mrs G’s Café now lives. I’ve had many different roles in the bakery, from glazing buns to being the original bakery manager. When we were starting we had just 3 delivery vans, for Bristol, Bath and Sherston, now we have a whole fleet, delivering bread throughout the South West.

    You’ve recently become a grandpa – how has your life changed since then?

    It’s been great, my granddaughter is 16 months old and a real handful! You have to keep an eye on her 24/7 as she is into everything.

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