Give Bread - Our Charity Policy

In 2016 we started working with the Ifakara Bakery, Tanzania. We developed our first gluten free loaf and felt it was a good opportunity to give something back. Therefore through the sale of every award winning loaf, a loaf of bread gets donated to children in need in Tanzania. As of the end of 2016 we have donated over 6000 loaves.

Adopt a School

For the first time in 2017 we have decided to work closely with one local school. We aim to teach every child to bake a loaf of bread. We are really excited to be able to share more about this soon.

Matched giving

We support all our staff with their own fundraising through a matched giving scheme.

Local Charities

Where possible we support local charities, schools and events through our shops. 

Waste Bread

We believe, and you probably know already, that bread made by hand at Hobbs House Bakery is too good to throw away. Food waste is this country's guilty secret and demand for food banks has trebled in the past year to keep apace with the ache of food poverty in this, the eighth richest country in the world. It's disgusting.

Bristol Soup

We love supporting Bristol Soup with bread for their ideas cafe.

Wiggly Worm

For the last couple of years lots of our leftover bread has been going to the Wiggly Worm charity in Cheltenham through our food services partner Creed. This has been used primarily for their No Child Hungry Gloucestershire campaign.

Food Bank 

Where possible we also support our local food banks through collection tins at all our shops and specific events at our school. 

Our Shops

It is not always possible to predict every days bread sales, which unfortunately means we sometimes have some bread left over at the end of the day. Each of our shops now works with their local community and donates any left over bread to schools and charities.