• Flour Footprint - Our Charity Policy

    Environment, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility; Our Flour Footprint

    Hobbs House Bakery uses ethical and sustainable principles to make informed decisions and to reduce its flour footprint.
    We recognize the responsibility we have to our people, communities and the environment. We want to minimize our impact and benefit others.

    Locally minded

    To be at the beating heart and an example to our communities.
    95% of our flour comes from our local mill, Shipton Mill. (15miles)
    All our coffee and tea comes through Bristol based Extract Coffee. (9 miles)
    All our other food supplies come from within the Bristol area (maximum 25 miles). We aim to minimize suppliers by 50% to reduce deliveries in. We always use sustainable ingredients.
    We get our vans from Pearce Brothers, our cardboard from Smart Packaging and disposables from Yate Supplies. All based in our local town.  (2 miles)
    75% of our staff live within 5 miles of work.


    Recycling and Wastage

    To minimize our waste and our environmental impact
    We aim for all our shops to be single-use plastic free by the end of 2019.
    We aim to recycle at least 75% of our non-bread waste.
    All our coffee cups are compostable and we promote the use of reusable cups with a 10% discount off hot drinks. Our branded reusable cups are made from bamboo instead of plastic. We sell reusable bread bags in our shops to reduce single-use plastic.
    All our bread waxed bags are compostable within 4 weeks.


    No bread is wasted

    We believe that our bread is too good to waste and acknowledge that food waste is this countries dirty secret. We support the Real Bread Campaign’s No Loaf Lost. All our shops work to re-purpose bread into their local communities.

    We support several local initiatives to help feed the hungry, such as Holiday Hunger which feeds children during the school holidays. To achieve this we partner with The Matthew Tree Project, Fareshare, Feed the Homeless and the Community of Purpose. This ensures our bread is always achieving positive things.
    Where this is not possible our leftover bread goes to local farmers as animal feed in accordance with Defra’s guidelines.

    We give away used coffee grounds from our shops to customers for composting.


    Energy Usage

    Minimise energy and water usage and to always choose the greenest option
    Our new shops are fuelled by Green Power
    Our bakery is lit exclusively by LED lights and where possible are automatic to save energy.
    We ensure all our sites minimize noise and light pollution.


    To be responsible and efficient so to keep our impact minimal

     Our vans meet the Euro Six emission standards and we will look to procure the most efficient vehicles possible going forward.

    We monitor the number of baskets of bread per mile we deliver and aim for this to improve by 5% year on year.

    Our forklift used in the bakery is electric.

    We use our wholesale distributors where possible to reduce the impact environmentally of transportation.

    Where possible, we use phone calls instead of travelling to meet customers and colleagues at our shops, however we do feel it is important for us to have face to face meetings too, but we car share or take the train wherever possible.

    Give bread; Charity.

    Using our bread to feed people better

    In 2016 we started working with the Ifakara Bakery, Tanzania. We developed our first gluten free loaf and felt it was a good opportunity to give something back. Therefore through the sale of every award winning GiFt loaf, a loaf of bread gets donated to children in need in Tanzania. We have donated over 17360 loaves.
    Work experience

    We provide work experience opportunities for charities through work with Mencap and Ruskin Mill College.

    Adopt a School

    For the first time in 2017 we decided to work closely with one local school. We worked with Tyndale School in Yate and taught every child to bake a loaf and gave them the ingredients to bake another at home.

    Matched giving

    We support all our staff with their own fundraising through a matched giving scheme.

    Local Charities

    We support Grace Network in Stroud, that support those in need in the Stroud area.

    Where possible we support local charities, schools and events through our shops. 

    At Hobbs House Bakery we support the Toilet Twinning campaign by the Tearfund charity, helping to provide clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education to those in need around the world.



    We work with Destination Europe to offer work placements for foreign students. We are currently working with two young French bakers.

    We offer a Cycle to Work scheme, supporting our staff to reduce their commuting carbon emissions, by paying for bikes on an interest free loan.

    A number of employees run the Sodbury Slog every year. This past year it was used to raise money for a new defibrillator outside our bakery.

    We are looking into introducing a volunteer day, so all of our people can take a day to work for the good of others.