• Miles Kington

    A great friend of ours, Miles Kington the writer, made bread. He used a recipe that made two loaves, one for the family and one to give away. Over time, he discovered the bread was affected by the mood he was in and so he would sing as he kneaded the dough. When he died his wife said to me ‘Shall I continue the bread-making?’ Despite never having made bread, she said ‘I’ve watched Miles over the years, and I think I know what to do’. I encouraged her to do it. ‘It would tie you in to what Miles enjoyed doing so much.’ So she continued making bread to Miles’ recipe, giving away what she couldn’t use. Some time later, I asked her how the baking was going. ‘Fantastic. Miles used to sing; I think of him. And I’ve discovered how much pleasure Miles got from giving his bread away’. That, I think, sums it up; there is the making and there is the craft. But to share is something special.