• Trevor's version of the sourdough story

    Sourdough culture: as old as bread making itself.  Over millennia, ferment friendly yeasts have developed to ensure good rising and great flavour.  Our own journey starts in the 1970s, and the desire to find more authentic ways to make bread.  We started our culture using a potato mash, and have maintained it since then.  Seed encrusted wholemeal loaves were the first commercial breads, followed by German style dark and light rye breads.  The sourdough culture was supplemented in the 1990s by the gift of a culture from a baker who was retiring in the town of Tetbury. He had brought it over from Germany after the war; it proved to be more stable and reliable than our culture, and became the dominant culture.  Although it is possibly very old, having been held for generations in its homeland, we date our culture back to its entry into the UK.