• Baking Stone

    Use a baking stone for all your baking to trap heat in your oven and give your loaves a spring and lift.

    A baking stone will help create properly baked bottoms and perfect crusts. We use these baking stones ourselves in the bakery to create great tasting and looking breads with a brilliant crust and tasty bottom. No more soggy bottoms we say.

    Featured as "Best Buy" in The Independent's 10 best bread making tools.

    "The thick stone mimics the bake of a bread oven (they’re also great for baking pizzas), retaining heat far better than a thin baking tray."


    This tile should live in the oven and will stain and darken to black in time, making it even better. Scrub in warm soapy water to remove burnt on debris.


    23cm x 38cm