Bestsellers Bread Box


By popular request we’ve combined the loaves that you love the most into one bread box.

Our Bestsellers bread box contains these 7 breads:

    • Rye - Our Rye Sourdough Bread is a mystery in the making, using just three ingredients: rye, water and salt. Organic and free from processed wheat, yeast and dairy, this rye sourdough bread is much gentler on your tummy.
    • Sherston - Our everyday best seller is our Sherston Loaf. We mix the dough in the afternoon and leave it slowly to ferment overnight to bring out its full flavour and character. 
    • Seeded malted - A beautiful loaf, the Seeded Malted Bread is a brilliantly versatile loaf. With six different seeds running through the dough and a brilliantly textured crust.
    • White Sourdough - The White Sourdough is a mouthwatering Sourdough bread with a tasty crust. Known as the Wild White at the bakery, this loaf takes its name from the wild yeasts within the Sourdough with which the dough is raised.
    • Organic Wholemeal bread - This soft, moist, and beautifully flavoured loaf is made slowly, using stoneground flour and only a tiny amount of yeast.
    • Seeded Spelt - Our seeded spelt bread is a great tasting loaf, brilliant for digestion and made tasty with sourdough and multi seeds.
    • Burger Buns x6 - A burger bun that’s beautiful, shiny, soft and delicious and holds together when heavily loaded. With a hint of sourdough, slightly sweet with an egg glaze and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.