• Flour 1kg

    We have a limited supply of 1kg Flour bags available in Wholemeal, White and Organic Rye varieties:

    Strong Wholemeal Flour

    A conventional bakers' wholemeal flour made from strong English wheat. We love this flour for its resilience and consistency.

    Strong White Flour

    The key ingredient for many of best selling loaves. It's strong white flour, The natural strength of the wheat protein makes this flour perfect for bread baking.

    Organic Light Rye Flour

    We call it a “light” rye due to its paler colour, which is a result of our milling processes that sift out some of the bran in order to produce a more refined rye flour. This type of flour is suitable for light rye breads, and produces a lighter crumb and less dense texture than some of the dark ryes.