• Our Sourdough Stories

    In June 2015 our sourdough celebrated it’s 60th birthday. As custodians of a 60 year old sourdough we need to feed and look after it on a daily basis. As the cornerstone of Hobbs House Bakery’s heritage it’s proved to be a bit of a myth as to where our living entity originated from.

    As with all great family stories there’s a little bit of variation on it’s birth; Trevor omits to share that it was necessary to find a new one as Sam regularly killed the previous one. Sam fails to mention this too.

    In Tom’s more exaggerated version his Grandfather was involved but this of course is just where the story begins. We have nurtured and grown our sourdough like a small child over the last thirty years. It is this great stuff that has risen millions of our almighty loaves enjoyed by you.

    For the last 5 years we have been selling our sourdough starter online so now thousands of you are baking with a little bit of Hobbs House Bakery heritage.