• King Of The Sourdough Winner

    Our 2015 King Of The Sourdough winner was Euan Greig. Euan also entered in 2014 and it was a delight to crown him this year. Euan is an inspirational baker with a crazy understanding of sourdough and bread. This was shown through his incredible panetonne recipe, made over three days with 5 separate leaven processes Euan showed his amazing skill.
    Euan has shared his recipe here on his blog.
    For this recipe you will need a jar of our Sourdough Starter, all the King Of The Sourdough Winners bake with this.
    The other King Of The Sourdough entries were also superb wth such a great range of skills and abilities.
    We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.
    If you have any questions about sourdough baking head to Sourdough Nation. and maybe you could be 2016 King Of The Sourdough Winner.

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