• Sourdough starter 60th birthday

    Our sourdough starter 60th birthday party took place on Friday. We thought this sourdough starter that rises all our sourdough loaves deserved a bit of a party.

    Of course like all great parties it took place in the kitchen, centred around food, fire and baking. We invited together some of our favourite bakers for a days baking and sharing.

    Everyone rolled up their sleeves and got baking, we made one enormous sourdough dough which we then split off to make a sourdough loaf and enhanced it for bagels and donuts.

    Whilst the dough rested we shared spectacular 12 day in the making croissants made by the amazing @Juliaontour and other sweet treats from @Signorbiscotti.

    We then got back to the baking, here’s the sourdough bagel recipe we made.

    We were accompanied on the day by Julia from the Bread Companion who fired up her oven on her trailer where Claire, author of 5 o’clock apron showed us all how to make gozleme using the sourdough dough with the addition of yoghurt, halloumi, herbs and spices.

    After gawking at Berthawe tucked into our spiced tomato and chickpea with sourdough starter soup, hot bagels and a selection of our finest sourdough breads.

    The day ended with sourdough donuts and sourdough brownieall washed down with sourdough beer.

    Take a look at the photos.

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