• Bakewell

    We have just launched our delicious Bakewell Slice Online. One of our bestselling cakes in our shop; our customers really enjoy this traditional cake with its crisp butter base, light sponge and delicious raspberry jam.

    Buttery throughout with almond sponge and punchy jam and whole cherries. A toasted sprinkling of almonds finish off this delightful cake.

    The origins of the very first Bakewell tart are debated amongst historians. Our favourite is the story of an untrained kitchen assistant who, when requested to make a strawberry tart, mistakenly prepared the tart with a non sweet pastry. However, the taste was so successful that it became part of the menu as a Pudding. This version of the Bakewell’s history is brilliantly told on the Bakewell Town website.

    To celebrate the launch of our Bakewell Slice, we would love to hear if any of you have any Bakewell recipes to share with us. Let us know if you have a twist on this classic; Tart, Slice, Pudding or other! The best recipe will win one of our tasty new Bakewell Slices, sent straight to your door. Share here or on facebook.

    We ourselves have a twist on the Bakewell taste with our Bakewell Tart recipe which makes beautiful tartlets, perfect for afternoon tea.

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