• Scottish lady gives Hobbs House Bakery online bread delivery the ‘Yes’ Vote

    Last week we were delighted to conquer Scotland, we got our bread, bought online successfully delivered to Kilcohan the most westerly point on the British Isles. A great Scottish “yes” vote for Hobbs House Bakery online bread delivery.

    This is her experience that she shared with us;

    Just to let you know that the bread arrived safely in the post yesterday (Wednesday).  Our post comes at 2pm and there the bread was, fresh as a daisy, in its bags and box.

    I thought that you might like to see where you have sent your bread.  I live 3 miles away from the most westerly point on the British mainland, much further west than Land’s End.  My house is one of the white dots to the left of the photograph, and the place where I work (a tiny satellite – 2 rooms – of the University of the Highlands and Islands) is one of the white dots in the middle. The photograph forms the banner headline of a very well written local blog, “Kilchoan Diary“, always worth a look if you fancy a bit of light relief, in the midst of what I imagine is a very hectic working day.  Local population 150, nearest Warburton’s loaf 10 minutes walk, nearest Lidl supermarket 2.5 hours’ drive, nearest Marks and Spencer 4.5 hours’ drive, nearest artisan bakery 5 hours’ drive!

    Lovely bread…thank you so much…my next order will be with you soon.


    Pat G

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