• 52 loaves

    Here at Hobbs House Bakery we love to share our love of baking with you, once you’ve tasted real homemade bread there’s no looking back. That’s why we invited a group of bloggers to come and bake with Tom in our Cookery school. These bloggers have all committed to bake one loaf every week this year, we saw that some of them looked like they kneaded a little bit of help. #52loaves

    Here’s what they said about their day baking,

    The day was so inspiring, Tom has such an infectious enthusiasm for sharing his baking passion that I can’t wait to bake my next loaf and I’ve invested in a baking stone to bake my bread on too, I now have no excuses!

    Emma Bradshaw

    We learnt how to make a great white loaf, make butter and soda bread.  Tom guiding us all the way.  All the mystery of baking vanished and it soon became clear.  Just knead it, let it rise, make sure the oven is on max and you can’t go wrong, right?!
     “the funnest place this year I’ve ever been, discovered i LOVE kneading.!!
    We have loved watching their progress since they left and seeing them all rise to the ultimate baking challenge, making sourdough using our 58 year old starter

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