• Award Winning Loaf

    The Soil Association Organic Food Awards are the UK's only awards to celebrate the highest quality organic food and drink. Every year the event attracts over 500 entries, encompassing some of the tastiest, most sustainable foods the UK has to offer.  We are delighted to announce that Hobbs House Bakery have won a Gold Award for our Quern Wholemeal Sourdough.

    Producing healthy, delicious, organic loaves takes time, dedication and passion to perfect, so being awarded by the Soil Association means the world to the Hobbs House bakers.

    Our Quern loaf gets its name from the quern stone, which was historically used to mill coarse wholemeal flour. It is a delicious wholemeal sourdough loaf, high in fibre, made with the coarsest flour in Britain and raised with Hobbs House’s famous 58 year old sourdough. It is sweetened with a dollop of molasses, makes superb toast and will keep for a week easily. 

    And to celebrate our award, Henry has rustled up some delicious Quern recipes to give you some ideas how best to use your loaf.

    If you’d like to get your hands on our award winning Quern Loaf, pop in to one of our bakery shops, or visit our online shop.

    Peace and Loaf

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