• It’s Henry Herbert!

    When I was a kid, I fondly remember my Grandpa showing me how to cut parsley with a knife and fork for his favourite bacon porridge.  The recipe is in our second Fabulous Baker Brothers cookbook, and I’ve learnt a much faster way to chop, but it still makes me smile.  I made pigs head brawn with my Grandmother too, so I’ve benefited from the many generations of food lovers in my family, and now I get to pass the knowledge on;  that feeling of empowering people to give something a go is so rewarding.

    The smell of fresh coffee and bacon in the oven gets me out of bed every time.  To enhance the general pig love-in, I’d eat it listening to Salt Pork, West Virginia by Louis Jordan.

    My favourite restaurant would be on a beach, with sand between my toes, a jug of chilled wine, my family around and a full belly. Anywhere in the world.

    Danny MacAskill’s ‘Way Back Home’ gives me goosebumps, I think my favourite piece of advice covers this short film and also a life in the kitchen:  keep it simple but don’t hold back.

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