• The Better Food Company #Bristol

    The Better Food Company care;  they have made a commitment, not just to you their customer, but to the environment we inhabit. Their mission is to work in harmony with the health of our soil, the plants it nurtures and the animals they feed.  Ultimately, this benefits us, the humans, who till the land and turn the local economy. Bristol Pound

    Hobbs House have had the privilege of being part of this journey by supplying The Better Food Company for over 12 years, and long may it last. Founding father and MD, Phil Haughton enthuses, “Hobbs House and the family represent the heritage of great bread in Bristol”.

    If you would like to reconnect with the land, visit The Community Farm, “a farm of the future”. Sign up and get your hands dirty! 

    To find out more visit or tweet @BetterFoodLucy

    By William @hobbshouseboy

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