• The May menu in the Bistro is full of the sweetness of the season

    We've got duck from Madgett's Farm in the Forest of Dean, smoked trout from Bibury, and yoghurt from Jess's Ladies, the much loved cows who live just down the road.  

    The Medjool dates in the buttermilk pudding are soaked in Has Bean coffee (the recipe is from the first Fabulous Baker Brothers book).  

    Our butterflied leg of lamb is gently grilled on the embers of the wood fired oven, this long and loving method imparts the sweetest flavour and texture.  

    Really, you can't get a more seasonal, local, truly delicious dinner than at the Hobbs House Bistro this weekend.  

    Click here to view the full menu, and call 01453 839 396 to book your table.

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