• I Loaf Real Bread:  Real Bread Maker Week 11-17th May

    The Real Bread campaign is celebrating the rise of handmade and homemade bread with a whole week of celebrations.  They exhort you all to get baking, or to support your local bread makers, those early risers amongst us.  With a bucket full of ideas and a plea to raise some much needed dough to further the good cause, the Real Bread website is the place for more information.  And the place to find some punning t-shirts…

    If you are looking for the essential kit to get you started on this most edifying pursuit, check out our bread making kits, available here;  just one box of goodies to set you on the right track.  Alternatively, pop along to our shops for a good old-fashioned counter top interaction with bread experts, or buy one of our bread boxes online.

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