• Hobbs House Bistro celebrates local goodness this weekend

    If you've been watching Henry Herbert in the Fabulous Baker Brothers series, you'll have seen him smoking fish to rapturous acclaim.

    On the Bistro menu this week we are celebrating this success with some delicious Severn Smokie and parsnip fishcakes with brown butter hollandaise.

    Severn Smokies are a locally smoked haddock which is just as flavourful as the famous  Arbroath Smokies, but made here in Gloucestershire.

    We also have Rose Veal carpaccio; it's quite a special meat, with the traditional tender and slightly mild flavour veal is known for, but a little stronger as it's been grazing in the fields.

    Another local choice on the menu is the Gloucestershire farmed Guinea Fowl breast and confit leg, served with a creamy celeriac and sage puree and a julienned salad of celery, celeriac and sage.

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