• Champion of the Sourdough 2022

    Champion of the Sourdough 2022

    Have you ever made sourdough at home before? 

    Well, we set up a mission to find the country’s best sourdough baker to be crowned Sourdough Champion. 

    Seven finalists from all over the country were carefully selected to come and join us in the Cookery School which is in the original Hobbs House on Chipping Sodbury High Street. The selection process was based on the overall look of the loaf and when it was cut to see the crumb and texture of the inside. 

    We firstly started the day off with an introduction to Hobbs House Bakery and some freshly baked pastries. Afterwards, we gathered in the Cookery School around a large table and our expert bakers, Jane and Baz, talked about their new creations and their process of making sourdough. At Hobbs House Bakery we have a sourdough starter which had its 67th birthday this year...impressive! 

    One of Jane’s new creations was a Sourdough Porridge loaf. This delicious sourdough loaf is made with porridge and is perfect for using leftover bread.You can find the recipe here. 

    In addition to Jane’s new sourdough loaf, Baz created a 72-hour fermentation and 90% hydration sourdough loaf which was packed full of flavour. 

    Then the fellow contestants presented their marvellous sourdough bakes, one at a time, passing tasters around the table for everyone to try. They then had a delicious lunch with each other's sourdough whilst the experts judged each of the entries. 

    When the decision was made everyone gathered back in the Cookery School where they announced the winner! 

    The winning sourdough was a Turmeric loaf with cranberries & poppyseeds made by Karen. She received a bundle from Brook Food, including bannetons, lames, couch cloth, dough boards, silicone mats and scales. In addition, she also won a free Cookery Course at Hobbs House Bakery. 

    Will you be our Sourdough Champion next year? 

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