• Healthy Soils

    Healthy Soils
    Trevor, Sam, George, Henry, and Anna met recently to talk about what’s important for Hobbs’ future. One of the main points is how we react to the climate emergency. The bakery needs grain for flour, our priority is to find and use flour from grain that is well farmed and not damaging thesoil it is grown in. It’s been predicted that if we carry on farming the same way, there is only 60 harvests left, radical change is needed! We’ve been exploring this topic by getting to know local farmers, joining local grain networks, looking again at organic, learning about regenerative agriculture, and working with millers. We have set ourselves a target of sourcing 95% of our flour from healthiersoils in ten years. We have started trialling recipes made with better local grains whilst learning the impact this will have on our processes, recipes, and products. In time this will lead us to better tasting products that are not only good for our planet but our communities and bellies too. If you would like to learn more,or have knowledge to share or find out how you can get involved with this ambitious change, get in touch.

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