• Introducing: Limited Edition Wild White

    Introducing: Limited Edition Wild White

    Today, we at Hobbs House Bakery are excited to launch a limited edition Organic Wild White Sourdough made with grain grown by local farmer John Prior, whose farm is located less than ten miles from our bakery in Chipping Sodbury.

    Back in 2019, when we became certified as a B Corp, one of our key missions was to "Know Our Farmer." We already knew who was milling our grain, thanks to a longstanding forty-year relationship with Shipton Mill, but we wanted to know who was growing it and how it was being grown. We quickly realized that we didn't want to be part of a system that negatively impacted the world, so we set out on a journey towards healthier soils. We joined local grain networks, where we first met local farmer John, and attended Grain Lab, discovering there were better ways to grow grain. We've always supported the organic movement and continue to expand our range of organic products.

    Last year, we were thrilled to work with John Prior, a local organic farmer in Castle Combe. He planted a field of rye for us, hoping to use it to feed our 68-year-old sourdough starter this year. While we enjoyed visiting the beautiful field and watching it grow, the unpredictable British weather last summer dashed our dreams, and the crop failed, going to animal feed instead. Thankfully, John had also grown some Maris Widgeon, a heritage wheat, which we loved seeing harvested last year. We worked with John Lister at Shipton Mill to secure a stock of this exceptional flour. We chose our signature Wild White sourdough to bake with 100% of this special flour until it runs out.

    As part of our journey towards healthier soils, we have also introduced six products that use regeneratively grown flour in the past year. These farming methods promote biodiversity and a sustainable future for us all. In 2023, we launched our first product using regenerative flour from Wildfarmed: our Wild Buns. We've also collaborated with Matthews Mill in the North Cotswolds to create a Heritage sourdough using their regeneratively grown heritage wheat, as well as incorporating this wheat into our Ultimate Burger Bun range. Matthews Mill has shared with us the farm where the wheat was grown and how it was cultivated, helping us achieve our goal of "knowing our farmer."

    Community and sustainability have been at the heart of our family business since we baked our very first loaf of bread over a hundred years ago. Becoming a Certified B Corporation in 2019 means we uphold the highest social and environmental standards for people and the planet. Our mission is to nourish our customers, people, and communities for generations to come. The sixth generation of bakers now work in our main bakery in Chipping Sodbury, which we've recently expanded to ensure more people can enjoy better quality bread.

    Get your hands on our Limited Edition Wild White while the flour lasts on our - Build your bread box.

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