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    Here at Hobbs we believe that you are never too young to start baking. Over the last 2 years, on a Wednesday afternoon, we have hosted a Pre School Baking Apprenticeship for those aged 3 and over. I touched briefly on the subject last month but I felt that there was so much more to say.
    I do like children, but I have to admit to not liking all children. I will also hold my hands up and say I find them truly fascinating; each one it’s own case study. I think that’s one reason I enjoy my Wednesday afternoons so much. Why I enjoy them is a question I have asked myself quite a lot. If I happen to be away it’s probably the class that is hardest to find cover for! I’m not sure what that says about me.
    Now I know not everyone likes to cook, and for some it’s a chore and not a pleasure but eating is something we do several times a day every day for decades. Why not make it an enjoyable experience for all? Where best to start on this journey, than when you are learning and absorbing information like a huge sponge and in an environment where it doesn’t matter if you make a mess and get covered in flour. That’s half the fun, isn’t it? How else are we going to know what something feels like if we don’t just stick our hands in and find out. Hands can be cleaned, clothes can be washed and, as I know only too well, floors can be swept and yes, some children, who shall remain nameless, are definitely messier than others.
    Other reasons I enjoy Wednesday afternoons. They are unpredictable! I can plan what we’re going to do, make sure I’m prepared and have everything ready but you’re never entirely sure which way it’s going to go. Maybe it’s that element of danger; having to think on your feet; having confidence that whichever way it goes it really doesn’t matter. One thing is certain, everyone will go away with a bag of goodies to share, whether it’s cheesy breadstick ‘swords’ or Easter bunny ‘snails’ . It’s a matter for interpretation and they taste delicious because you made them.
    I do like children, but I love my pre-schoolers and yes I did say ‘my’.

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