• Jane's November Blog Post


    Christmas has well and truly arrived in our shops and at the Cookery School. We spent last week decorating the school ready for our Christmas Tasting where Henry attempted to beat last year’s flambé record. Note to self; avoid setting light to the pudding under the fire alarm!

     This year our puddings have been made with sourdough breadcrumbs as well as a good dollop of our 62 year old sourdough starter and a healthy amount of stout. Steamed for several hours ready for the table on Christmas Day, absolutely delicious.

    It wouldn’t be Christmas without our award winning mince pies, the plan this year is to make thousands more than last year; all by hand with an all butter shortcrust pastry. Delicious either warm or cold, by itself or with cream. They are available in a box of 6 or drop by one of our 6 shops and pick one up, freshly baked to have with your coffee.

    This month we have also been busy outside cooking our first turkey of the year on one of our popular Weber BBQ Courses . If you are looking for ideas for presents this year, look no further than one of our cookery courses. Whether it is baking or butchery or topping up your skills in preparation for the BBQ season we have just the course for you.

    If you can’t wait until the New Year then perhaps you’d like to come on our Festive Bread Course where we will show you how to make your own pannetone as well as stollen and a Finnish rye bread to impress your family and friends. There will be mulled wine, Christmas carols (I promise not to sing!) and lots of festive cheer.

    We must not, of course, forget the children, how could we? This year we will be making, baking and decorating pretzels either to hang on the tree or eat whilst still warm from the oven…… I know which one I’ll be doing.


    We wish you a very Happy Christmas!


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