• Jane's September Blog Post

    It has been a while since I last wrote, I must admit, and it’s hard to believe the summer has been and gone. Blink and you most definitely missed it.  The heatwave at the beginning, with the most beautiful Bank Holiday at the end, the bookends of what wasn’t the best summer I can remember. As an optimist, I will certainly only remember the good bits. The Big Feastival was a definite highlight where, together with Neff and the Royal Agricultural University, we took The Cookery School on tour working with roughly 300 children over 3 days, baking muffins and falafels in a field kitchen. Phew!

    Some of the summer has been spent looking ahead to Christmas. Here at the school we have been busy developing new courses for the autumn and winter months. Whilst the shops have been full of summer berries and delicious layered cakes with lemon, bundt cakes with blueberries, fruit tarts with creamy custard, chewy meringues… get the idea…. The scent of oranges, spices, soaked fruit have filled the school; baking smells that catapult you back in time to your childhood. If you have read any of my previous blogs it won’t surprise you to know I wasn’t a huge fan of the mince pie as a child, but boy, am I making it up for it now! Watch this space for our Christmas product launch.

    Now the children are well and truly back at school, so whilst our thoughts are with Christmas we are also looking ahead to half term and thinking of ways to keep little people busy during the holidays. What better way than a cookery course designed especially for children who love to bake and to share their creations with family and friends (they’re not always so keen sharing with siblings, but that’s something to work on.)

    Click on the link to check out our courses for half term Kids' Courses




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