• Our Baking Apprenticeships

    Our Baking Apprenticeships
    At the end of May we celebrated the next generation of bakers in Hobbs House Bakery. A significant milestone in our history as we present our first three bakery apprentices with their certificates. Congratulations to Luke Sharp, Angus McPherson and Owen Bell who all passed their Level 2 Diploma in Bakery with a distinction. It has been many years since we last ran an apprenticeship scheme, with some of our original apprentices still baking with us today.  For the last few years, it’s been increasingly hard to find bakers and we needed to find a solution for the future of our business. We were delighted that we have been able to partner with the Scottish Association of Bakers to deliver the apprenticeship on site in our bakery. The students have worked every week to develop their technical knowledge and practical skills. We have four more bakers doing an apprenticeship this year and are running two other apprenticeships in food process operator and retail.
    Managing Director George Herbert says “Our purpose at Hobbs House Bakery is to nourish our customers, people, and communities for generations to come, we live that by coming together to celebrate Luke, Angus and Owen graduating from their apprenticeship and knowing we are training the bakers of the future. They have developed a lot during the course and are now inspiring more people to join our scheme. By empowering and valuing them they have positively contributed to our culture and the shared success of the business. Well done and congratulations”.
    Keeping it in bread, Owen‘s father, one of our recent apprentice’s has been a night baker with us for the last ten years so it’s great to see the next generation taking on the craft and making sure our business is sustainable for future generations.
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