• Sourdough Pizza

    Sourdough Pizza


    • 300ml sourdough starter
    • 250ml warm water
    • 500g good quality white flour
    • Big pinch of salt


    1. Weigh the ingredients into the mixing bowl. Mix into a rough dough.
    2. Knead the dough really well until it’s smooth stretchy and soft. Then rest it back in the bowl covered for a minimum 10 mins - half an hour is ideal.
    3. Then divide into 7x 150g pieces for polite pizzas or 5x 210g large plate pizzas or 3x 350g whopping 20”ers.
    4. Shape them round and cover and rest for a couple of minutes before one at a time rolling them (or throwing them) to make a delicious thin pizza base.
    5. Top and bake on a baking stone as hot as your oven will go.