• Henry Herbert

    As a graduate from Westminster Catering College, a 5th generation baker and an enthusiastic butcher, I am passionate about carefully sourced good quality seasonal ingredients. I feel very strongly about English heritage and preserving all this country has to offer. During my time as Head Chef of Clerkenwell's award winning pub, The Coach & Horses, I carefully selected small suppliers with whom I could develop a personal relationship, and used their produce to maximum effect by using every part, with little waste. This style of cooking helped to develop a unique menu, where the whole of edible nature was celebrated to the full. Then running Hobbs House Butchery for two years I wanted to bring a youthful energy to an amazing craft that has fallen from favour in recent years. It was here that I honed my love of retail and selling to customers a product we were proud of. It was a natural progression to teaching classes at our new Cookery School above the butchery and bakery. I love the feeling of teaching someone something new and seeing them leave enthused and happy.

    Henry teaches baking at our Cookery School.
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