• Did you have a Sourdough for Christmas?

    Did you have a sourdough for Christmas? We sold hundreds of our sourdough starters this Christmas alongside lots of baking equipment.

    We hope you are all loving getting baking this Christmastime and getting sourdough for Christmas.

    If you received our sourdough starter, here is the recipe to bake large sourdough bread.

    If you received a small bread making kit, here is our recipe for small sourdough bread.

    You need to feed your sourdough to keep it alive, it will rest unfed in the fridge for several weeks. You will then need to get it out and feed it around 12 hours before wanting to bake with it. Here’s how to feed your sourdough.

    You can buy lots of other baking equipment online to help improve your baking.

    Here’s our very popular video of Tom making sourdough bread.

    If you are still baffled, here are the answers to our most frequently asked sourdough questions.

    And if you are still stuck Tom teaches how to bake sourdough on his Bread Making Courses at our Cookery School.

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