• Back to school lunch

    Ditch the supermarket mush bread and grab a hand made Sherston Loaf for lunch box sandwiches;  it won’t just be the kids who thank you. This delicious, soft loaf is made with a slow rise, much better for all concerned, and is the best sandwich bread we've found yet. You can also get busy in the kitchen at home by baking your own loaf with our Classic White recipe. Perfect.

    Henry's firm lunch box favourite is the 'not so humble' sausage roll. This recipe is herby, meaty and a great fuel for those busy playgrounds. It’s also very easy to make, ideal for whipping up on a busy school evening. If your kids are not fans of black pudding, you can just substitute it with a little more sausage meat.

    Add a good helping of fruit and chopped up veg to nibble on and back to school will never have tasted so good!

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